I’m done with trying to gather hope for humanity.

What’s the point in praying for humanity? To me, it’s like blindly putting all your faith into an invisible force, hoping it doesn’t take advantage of your vulnerability. What sense does that make?

Personally, I have completely lost my “hope” and “faith” in the human race.When things come and go, we have two choices of action. We smile and laugh, enjoying our surroundings and having a grand time; or we crumble and cry, being left in corners by ourselves to fend off against ourselves. The big contradiction.

I believe we were built out of everything and nothing. Good and Evil. Kindness and Malice. Sanity and Insanity. Beauty and Ugly. Light and Dark. Life and Death. But, that goes more into Taoism/Daoism; i.e. Yin-Yang.

We are everything good. We are everything bad. It all depends on the person’s experience, susceptibility, exposure, coping methods, and just everything that makes you a live human.

We all are made of the same materials. The same organic matter that is needed to create life. We are Life, yet we are also Death. We hold everyone’s and our own lives in our hands. It just take a will for there to be a way for you to either cause hurt or enforce support.

So, by saying that someone who has killed is a monster, you’re calling yourself the same thing. The difference is that you didn’t make the choice to do it.

So, yes, we all are one and the same. We all live. Experience. Take. Give. Create. Destroy. Repeat. Then die. Why blame someone else about their actions when you and anyone you know or cherish has the capability to do the same thing? Can do the same thing to you and you to them?

If your brother, sister, mom, dad, cousin, whoever, caused harm to someonejust like how Ted Bundy or (recently) Kevin Loibl and Omar Mateen did for those same reasons, would you treat them like you would those killers? Withno remorse or guilt?

I would have trouble trying to look at them like how I would with those three people. I’d still think of them as the person I knew. I’d even think that someone maybe brainwashed or threatened them to do it.

But, I’d want to know why they did it. Not just look down on them and try to make them feel bad when they might not. It’s like trying to make a pebble roll over by itself.

Why must we play the Blame Game? We all are capable. We all have that one person we wouldn’t mind killing if we had no consequences. We have all thought about hurting someone before.

Those feelings and thoughts are just a few notches off from actually having the will to do them.

But that’s how I see it.